Who we are

People are our pillar. Before becoming clients, the people who contact us have a problem. So, we understand that close, personalised service is the best way to work together to resolve the conflict. Our criteria are always based on human values. Our objective is to offer a service of the highest quality, on an ethical level that is professional and socially responsible. On this basis, we study the specific needs of each client from an integral point of view: we delve into the legal aspects of each problem with the greatest rigour and professionalism, without neglecting the personal sphere.

Our clients are always duly informed, both about the progress in their case and also any existing legal options, probabilities of success, fees for our services, etc. Accordingly, we inform our clients about each step through the available means, holding periodical meetings, issuing estimates, etc., so that the client has all necessary information at all times and a clear vision of where his affair stands.


Accordingly, we are backed by more than 15 years’ experience in practising Law. During this whole time, we have helped thousands of people to resolve their problems to their satisfaction. The success of our work lies in the fact that we adapt law to the human dimension and the personal needs of each client. So, we can always find the best solution in an individualised, personalised way.

What we do - Practice Areas

Administrative law
The fact that our head lawyer was assigned to civil and administrative duty in Andorra, in combination with all other experience, means that we are authorised and can also advise in specific administrative cases such as processing all types of residence permits, proceedings against the CASS, and all kinds of appeals against them.
Our office staff has also accumulated a wide range of experience in matters of interpreting and enforcing all kinds of civil contracts. We have much practice in drawing up documents relating to insurance companies (vehicles, health, civil liability) and those relating to rental contracts and leases. We can also advise you about enforcement and cancellation, or legal proceedings in the case of breach of contract.
Civil claims We understand the particularities of civil claims and their procedural aspects perfectly, from our many years of working for several insurance companies in this country, efficiently resolving the cases and obtaining the compensation set by the Andorran courts on this matter.
Labour issues and business advice
In the Principality of Andorra, labour rights are specifically acknowledged and regulated in the Andorran Constitution of 1993, and also the Labour Relations Code of 18 December 2008. We are convinced that a well-structured business should have a good work organisation and always respect the rights of employees. We therefore advise entrepreneurs on how to establish internal rules which organise, regulate and, if necessary, sanction workers when conflicts arise.
Family law and personal law
Another of our favourite areas is family law and personal law. At this firm, we prepare the documents required for civil marriage, draw up agreements to formalise civil partnerships and, in marital crises, handle all manner of separation and divorce proceedings in Andorra
Procedural. Handling all kinds of proceedings
If amicable negotiations fail or it is impossible to reach an amicable agreement, the legal process is started. In this case, we know the best way to handle Andorran legal proceedings, as we have the benefit of years of experience with a series of successes in all manner of proceedings.
Criminal law
Our advisers are also specialised in criminal law. We have proven our worth over the years, through our work on behalf of insurance companies and in the years we have been assigned to legal aid and criminal court duty for the Andorran Bar Association. This work has provided us with an important vision and background, both in implementing criminal law and in the field of procedural law.