Criminal law

Our advisers are also specialised in criminal law. We have proven our worth over the years, through our work on behalf of insurance companies and in the years we have been assigned to legal aid and criminal court duty for the Andorran Bar Association. This work has provided us with an important vision and background, both in implementing criminal law and in the field of procedural law.

On the basis of this experience, we advise our clients on the best way to deal with this type of proceedings, advising them from the start, at their first statements to the Police and Magistrates’ Courts.

From that moment on, we deploy a strategy which will extend throughout, from preliminary proceedings until the hearing.

At our firm we advise our clients about all kinds of proceedings, whether a criminal order or ordinary proceedings, before the Magistrates’ Court, the Criminal Court, or the Criminal High Court of Justice in the Principality of Andorra. We also handle and process all manner of criminal appeals, both at first and second instance.

Our team has great experience in proceedings against minors and advising their families. In these special cases, we also study the best educational options for the minor, providing an environment of understanding and support, and also contacting educational institutions, psychologists and other specialists in the field, when appropriate.