Labour issues and business advice

In the Principality of Andorra, labour rights are specifically acknowledged and regulated in the Andorran Constitution of 1993, and also the Labour Relations Code of 18 December 2008. We are convinced that a well-structured business should have a good work organisation and always respect the rights of employees. We therefore advise entrepreneurs on how to establish internal rules which organise, regulate and, if necessary, sanction workers when conflicts arise.

On the other hand, we are also aware that it is sometimes the entrepreneur who breaks the regulations and even commits certain abuses. On these occasions, we advise the employees how best to terminate their employment relationship, guaranteeing the success of any claim if it reaches the Andorran courts.

For this purpose, we produce internal organisation rules for entrepreneurs, employment or work contracts, withdrawals, dismissals, notices of sanctions, terminations, etc.

If amicable negotiations fail, we also handle all manner of employment, compensation, wages and commissions claims and other pending work issues, whenever consistent with Andorran labour law and the jurisprudence of our courts.