Who we are

Close, cordial and personalised treatment

People are our pillar. Before becoming clients, the people who contact us have a problem. So, we understand that close, personalised service is the best way to work together to resolve the conflict. Our criteria are always based on human values. Our objective is to offer a service of the highest quality, on an ethical level that is professional and socially responsible.

On this basis, we study the specific needs of each client from an integral point of view: we delve into the legal aspects of each problem with the greatest rigour and professionalism, without neglecting the personal sphere.

Experience and professionalism

We understand that it is not just knowledge and training that matter. At the end of the day, it is experience and background that make us better people and better professionals.

Accordingly, we are backed by more than 15 years’ experience in practising Law. During this whole time, we have helped thousands of people to resolve their problems to their satisfaction. The success of our work lies in the fact that we adapt law to the human dimension and the personal needs of each client. So, we can always find the best solution in an individualised, personalised way.

Our ethical duty is to be always aware of legal developments, so we make a point of regularly updating ourselves on legislation.

Confidentiality and total respect for professional secrecy

Confidentiality and the strict observance of professional secrecy is an essential value at our law firm.

The fact that we are a small team of people helps us greatly in this task. Each client’s personal affairs are dealt with exclusively by one lawyer, with whom you will have direct, personal and individualised contact.

Transparency and maximum information

Our clients are always duly informed, both about the progress in their case and also any existing legal options, probabilities of success, fees for our services, etc.
Accordingly, we inform our clients about each step through the available means, holding periodical meetings, issuing estimates, etc., so that the client has all necessary information at all times and a clear vision of where his affair stands.

Service and satisfaction

Our proposal is to offer the best service and achieve the client’s maximum satisfaction. Each client has specific needs, so we adapt individually to each case (hours, travel, etc.)