Family law and personal law

Another of our favourite areas is family law and personal law. At this firm, we prepare the documents required for civil marriage, draw up agreements to formalise civil partnerships and, in marital crises, handle all manner of separation and divorce proceedings in Andorra.

We are aware that the processes of separation and divorce can become a difficult time in a person’s life and, in this regard, we stand out from other professionals through the compassionate treatment and advice that we give to our clients. The figure of the lawyer is essential to good management of the conflict, as sometimes the relationship between parents can become complicated. A good adviser finds the best solution without aggravating the situation.

Our task is limited to legal advice so, to deal with the conflict in a comprehensive manner, without ignoring the personal aspect, we like to collaborate with psychologists whenever absolutely necessary.

On these premises, we deal with all kinds of civil separation and divorce proceedings in Andorra, advising on all related aspects, such as allocation of the parental home, child custody, the types of maintenance that can be claimed and their value, while being especially sensitive to the needs of the children.

We also carry out civil proceedings for marital financial settlements in Andorra, and incapacitation.